What’s New at BLOOM…


{May 28, 2021}

BLOOM’s next available appointments are in the second {2x 60 mins only} & third weeks of July. It’s getting a little crazy, & some of my dear regulars are struggling to book their appointments.

BLOOM’s existing clients have supported me through a very trying year. I feel a deep loyalty & gratitude to you & want you to know it & feel it. BLOOM would not be what it is today, with new opportunities on the horizon, if it wasn’t for you. You are are so loved & appreciated!

So in the interest of all my existing clients being able to schedule their regular appointments, I need to ask all who are able, to schedule their appointments out as far as they conceivably can.

So next time you’re in, let’s book ahead at least 2 or 3 appointments & then add one extra each time you’re at BLOOM from then on. Sounds like a plan, right?

For the clients I’ve yet to meet, I cannot wait to meet you! However, I have to be able to take care of my existing clients well. With this in mind, potential new clients will now be added to BLOOM’s Waitlist.

Once existing clients have had the opportunity to schedule their appointments, I will contact clients on the waitlist to see if you’re still interested in a BLOOM experience & if any of the available times could work with your schedule.

Once you’ve had a BLOOM experience, you move to the existing client list & are able to schedule ahead.

To be added to BLOOM’s Waitlist, please text your full name, available days & the treatment length you’d like to schedule. This information will help me to contact the most appropriate clients for any vacancies that become available.

Thank you so much for understanding & respecting BLOOM’s new scheduling policy.

Online booking has been turned off. Please text, DM or email inquiries & I will get back to you as soon as possible!

BLOOM is making a move…

If you know me, you know that I love change. I love a fresh start, a new space, a clean slate. So It’s no surprise – I am looking forward to July 1st, when I will move BLOOM to a larger space.

That being said, I have loved the space that launched BLOOM very nearly four years ago. It has served us well, right? A cozy, intimate space with everything I’ve needed to provide relaxing, results driven treatments.

The reason for my move is very simple – more space & more storage. Over the last four years I have added & accumulated more products, machines & equipment to better treat your precious skin, & slowly the walls have been closing in around me.

Another thing you may know about me is that I’m a ‘get it done’ kind of girl. You can rest assured that I have had a lot of fun planning the look of BLOOM’s new space. I already have an impressive collection of items chosen to improve the decadent coziness & comfort of your BLOOM experience. New furniture, lighting, window treatments, bed sheets & blankets, floor coverings…

The great thing about the new space is that it is only four buildings away from where I am now, so they’ll be no change to your travel time. The new building sees significantly less traffic, so parking will be easier.

The new space will feel more airy & light, allowing for REAL plants {!], & if you know me, you know that makes my heart SING! I truly believe that the air cleansing power of plants allows for deeper relaxation. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a new space to collect plants for. Haha!

As much as I love & crave change, I am also a creature of habit & routine. Treatment standard & the quality of your results will always be my focus, no matter where BLOOM is. You can expect nothing less than the high quality professional skincare & the tried & true care & attention to detail that has always been the essence of a BLOOM experience!

I cannot wait to invite you into Bloom’s new location.

A little sneak peak at some of the colors & textures of the new BLOOM room …

BLOOM’s Covid-19 Precautions & Protocols


My mission has always, & will always be to improve your quality of life.

Whether it’s by helping you resolve a skin issue or provide much needed relaxation & self care – I just want the very best for you.

That’s why I take COVID-19 very seriously. I know we’re each responsible, not just for ourselves, but for the people we care about & anyone we come into contact with.

The following are the measures I take daily, for each & every person who visits BLOOM.

• A COVID Screening/ Waiver Form is sent out electronically to each client the morning of their appointment & must be signed & returned before their visit. {Swipe across to see a copy}

• First time clients are also sent their Consultation Forms via text or email.

• I meet every client outside the building & take their temperature before entering through the side entrance. The side entrance minimises the number of doors touched, & stops potential contact with other people.

• Masks must be worn until I have put on my eye protection for facial clients. If your treatment allows, a mask is worn for the duration of your visit.

• An air purifier is running at all times to circulate the air. Filters are changed per recommended guidelines.

• Essential oils are diffused to cleanse the air.

• Fresh mask, sanitized eye protection & new gloves are worn for each client. Gloves are changed as required throughout your treatment, with hands washed in between changes.

• All potentially touched surfaces are cleaned between each client.

• As has always happened, fresh linens are used for each client. Fresh facial sponges are used for each facial, they are never laundered & reused. {You can take your’s home to use if you like}.

• Each item/ product/ tool TOUCHED during your visit is set aside & sanitized before the next client arrives.

• If you find you’ve had any potential contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID/has had symptoms or you have potential symptoms please postpone your appointment, no matter how close to your appointment time. No cancellation policy is being enforced right now.

If you have any questions about these protocols just let me know!

Stay Well!