The Difference Between a Skin Type & a Skin Condition

You know what’s the best thing about having your own, personal esthetician? They know your skin. They look at your skin, they analyze it & make a point of understanding it before performing any treatments or recommending any product. They have studied & ┬áhave passed exams to prove that they can see & feel theContinue reading “The Difference Between a Skin Type & a Skin Condition”

The Magic of Regular Exfoliation

Exfoliation has long been a favorite step of mine in my routine. It instantly smoothes & brightens my skin & I do love to see instant results. So gratifying. Aside from the very obvious, instant result though there are many other benefits to exfoliating regularly. Every skin type, & most skin conditions, benefit from someContinue reading “The Magic of Regular Exfoliation”