The Difference Between a Skin Type & a Skin Condition

You know what’s the best thing about having your own, personal esthetician? They know your skin. They look at your skin, they analyze it & make a point of understanding it before performing any treatments or recommending any product. They have studied & ┬áhave passed exams to prove that they can see & feel theContinue reading “The Difference Between a Skin Type & a Skin Condition”

The Mysterious Acid Mantle…

Our Acid Mantle is a delicately balanced mixture of sweat, oil, and our Natural Moisturisation Factor {NMF; which is basically hyaluronic acid}. Sometimes called the Hydrolipic Film, it sits on the surface of our skin and is produced by the skin itself. Each component provides a crucial action in protecting our skin. The primary functionContinue reading “The Mysterious Acid Mantle…”