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Below is a comprehensive list of all our services. The descriptions will give you a great idea of what to expect, but should you have any further questions please contact us.

Clients who are new to BLOOM should choose one the BESPOKE SkinCare Treatments suited to your available time or budget. These treatments are designed for your skin on the day of your visit. They allow for detailed assessment {Skin Analysis is included} of your needs & let me see how your skin responds & reacts to touch & products/ingredients.

BESPOKE SKINCARE TREATMENTS | include Skin Analysis, double cleansing, exfoliation, mask, moisture protection & a combination of extractions &/or massage appropriate for your skin . Bespoke SkinCare Treatments are designed for your skin on the day of your visit.

Simply choose a time frame & add Treatment Enhancements to further customize your experience. Enhancements will be recommended in accordance with your skin’s needs & your specific concerns.






FOCUSED EYE TREATMENT | Designed just for YOUR eye area. Puffiness, dark circles, fine lines are soothed & smoothed away. 15 minute Treatment Enhancement or 30 minutes on it’s own. $25

BALANCING BACK TREATMENT 60 MINUTES | A Bespoke Treatment to improve skin concerns on your back. $85

TREATMENT ENHANCEMENTS | These extras offer advanced results or treatment to additional areas.

SHEET MASK INFUSION 15 MINUTES | Infuse the amazing ingredients of Patchology’s Sheet Masks further into your skin using Ultrasound or MicroCurrent for better, more long lasting results. $20

JELLY MASK 20 MINUTES | A cool jelly mask sits heavily on the skin to impact the circulatory & lymphatic system {drain toxins, reduce redness & puffiness} & to force ingredients deep into the skin. Each jelly mask has its own unique benefits to further enhance your results. $20

CIRCADIA FIRMING PEPTIDE MASK 30 MINUTES| This innovative mask sets tightly on the skin to lift & firm, reduce puffiness & redness by stimulating blood & lymphatic flow. $30

MICROCURRENT 45 MINUTES | This add on treatment provides the anti-aging benefits of collagen induction, muscle lifting & increased circulation. $50

MICRODERMABRASION 15 MINUTES | Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion improves acne scarring, pigmentation, thickened, sun damaged skin & rough texture by smoothing the skin’s surface & improving cell renewal rates. A series of treatments provides best results. $25

ANTI-AGING HAND TREATMENT 15 MINUTES | Our hands often show the signs of aging first because of their exposure to the sun. This brightening & firming treatment improves pigmentation & loss of elasticity. $25

PATCHOLOGY FOOT PEEL 15 MINUTES | A blend of AHA’s & BHA’s penetrate the skin deeply to incite peeling of the dry, rough, calloused skin of the feet. Shedding may last for up to 14 days, leaving you with beautiful, soft feet. Take it home to apply yourself for $34 or add to your treatment for $45.

BACK SCRUB 15 MINUTES | An exfoliating & relaxing treatment for the often neglected back. A delicious way to begin a SkinCare treatment. $20

HIGH PERFORMANCE TREATMENTS | These treatments follow strict protocols & procedures. They are results driven & designed for clients interested in achieving  incredible results.

CIRCADIA SWiCH TREATMENT 90 MINUTES | This innovative Circadia treatment is an absolute revolution in the SkinCare industry. It is a unique alternative to chemical peels that takes advantage of the skin’s natural repair mechanism without causing damage. Collagen production & your cells energy are increased. This treatment imparts an immediate boost to the look & feel of aging skin. For clients over the age of 37 only. Consultation prior to scheduling a SWiCH treatment is required to discuss  appropriateness for your skin, contraindications, discontinuation of certain products before the SWiCH treatment & after care musts. Performed at four week intervals, & including a follow up enzyme exfoliation at 2 weeks. Safe & gentle for most skins with little downtime following treatment. $165

CIRCADIA OXYGEN Rx TREATMENT 60 MINUTES | A controlled amount of oxygen is generated at optimal levels on the skin to provide maximum benefit & help to replace the ruddy-look associated with acne, rosacea, & broken capillaries or aging skin, with brighter skin. This treatment is extremely nourishing & beneficial for all skin types. Not suitable for those with allergies to citric acid of any kind (oranges, lemons, grapefruit,etc) Can be performed as often as once per week if not including an enzyme exfoliation, otherwise at three week intervals.  $105 or 90 MINUTES $135

CIRCADIA PEELS | These peels are only offered seasonally from September – May to protect delicate skin from harsh sun exposure during the Summer months. Peels will not be offered your first visit. These treatments have prerequisites & precautions.Peels will only be performed on healthy, prepared skins after at least one Bespoke SkinCare Treatment to ensure peels are a healthy choice for your skin. Pre-Peel & Post-Peel HomeCare must be followed to ensure best & safest results. SPF MUST be worn as a part of your Pre & Post Peel care. There are NO exceptions to these guidelines.


ALPHA/BETA PEEL 45 MINUTES | Fight the signs of aging with this combination of Lactic & Salicylic acids. This unique blend of hydroxy acids will not only exfoliate the skin but also even the complexion. A perfect rejuvenator for all skin types. $85

LACTIC ACID PEEL 45 MINUTES | This treatment is designed to gently & effectively exfoliate the skin while simultaneously hydrating & brightening. Suitable even for the most sensitive skins. $85


DERMAFROST SALICYLIC PEEL 45 MINUTES | Renew & revitalize the skin with potent anti-aging peptides, powerful antioxidants, stem cells & botanicals. Stimulate new cell growth, repair & rejuvenate all skin types with a firm, luminous glow. $75 {additional layers $15 each}

MANDICLEAR PEEL WITH VITAMIN A ACCELERATOR 45 MINUTES | This is a deeper peel that was developed specifically for treating pigmentation issues associated with skin of color. It effectively lightens pigmentation due to acne, melasma, or sun damage in any skin tone. Vitamin A Accelerator accelerates physical peeling, without excessive damage to reveal a flawless complexion. $90 {Additional layers $15 each}

JESSNER PEEL 45 MINUTES | This superior treatment will result in a deeper peel designed to remove sun damage, remove lines & wrinkles & reduce acne leaving the skin looking years younger.A combination of resorcinol, lactic acid & salicylic acid this peel will effectivelybreakdown damaged cells, stimulate cellular rejuvenation & improve the overall health of the skin. $85 {Additional layers $15 each}

WAXING | All waxing services begin with a consultation to ensure your needs are met. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and free of any wax residue. For delicate areas {face, underarms, bikini} ‘hard wax’ is used as it is significantly more gentle. ‘Strip wax’ is used on larger areas. 

EYE BROW SCULPTURE 15 minutes: $20

LIP WAX 5 minutes: $12

CHIN WAX 10 minutes: $12

FULL FACE WAX 30 minutes: $38

UNDERARM WAX 15 minutes: $20

TUMMY WAX 15 minutes: $18+

STANDARD BIKINI WAX 20 minutes: $38

EXTENDED BIKINI WAX 30 minutes: $45

BRAZILIAN WAX {WOMEN ONLY} 40 minutes: $60

FULL LEG WAX 45 minutes: $55

HALF LEG WAX 30 minutes: $40

FULL ARM WAX 30 minutes: $40

HALF ARM WAX 20 minutes: $30

BACK WAX 30 minutes: $50

CHEST WAX 30 minutes: $50

TINTING & LIFTING | Colouring of your Eye Lashes & Eye Brows enhances the eye area & can help you feel more put together without the need for make up. Tinting does not affect volume of the lashes or brows, but certainly accentuates the eyes by giving more definition. Lash Lifts are the newest Beauty Must-Have & create dramatic, eye-opening results. Lash Lifts bend the upper lashes upward improve visual length, & even volume, without the need for extensions.

LASH TINT 30 MINUTES | Lasts up to 4 weeks. Recommend appointments closer together for first two or three tints. $22

BROW TINT 15 MINUTES | Lasts up to 4 weeks. Recommend appointments closer together for first two or three tints. $16

KERATIN INFUSION LASH LIFT 75 MINUTES | Lasts 8-12 weeks. Lifting of the lashes to provide an open, more youthful look to the eyes. Keratin Infusion strengthens each lash & adds volume with zero risk of over processing. $65


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