BLOOM Skincare & Beauty is the actuation of a dream for me. For years I’ve been daydreaming about creating a cozy and comfortable space that I could invite clients in to where they would feel nurtured and where they could find a little time to experience some peace. Where they could slip in and out of that wonderful place between sleep and awake while I helped them with their skin concerns, where they could experience gentle waxing and receive professional, knowledgeable advice.

My name is Kelleigh Hinman. I have been an Esthetician for 23 years and can honestly say that I still look forward to going to ‘work’. I love what I do. Not only do I love the actual practice of treatments, and the interaction and conversation with my many lovely clients, I actually find peace in the process. Sometimes, if I am having a bad day, or not feeling totally together, giving a facial centers me and brings me back to me.

I studied in Brisbane, Australia in the late 90’s. My instructors were perfectionists, which, naturally, at the time was the bain of my existence. {I was 22 years old and thought I knew everything.} Now, I am grateful each day that I was blessed with their guidance. Being able to fold a towel just so, and failing a leg waxing exam because of one sneaky, little hair behind an ankle lead me down the path of perfecting my trade. In fact, I made it my business to convert my most dreaded treatments into my favorites.

Australian Estheticians {Beauty Therapists} are trained in Facials, Massage, Body Treatments, Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing and Tinting. Here in the North Carolina I am only licensed to perform Facials, Body Treatments, Waxing and Tinting, but I believe that my training and experience in massage has created a Facial Massage unlike you have ever experienced before. {You really ought to try it!}

In December of 2000, I moved to Asheville and lived and worked for 5 years. I grew to love these beautiful mountains, but as is usually the case, it took my leaving them to fully realize it. I gained much experience and knowledge {not to mention some fiercely loyal clients} during those five years.

I moved back to Brisbane in late 2005. I took on training and management roles when I first moved back, but eventually realized that my true love is helping clients. Again, I gained much experience and many new skills working in a couple of 5 Star Spas in Brisbane and Melbourne {we lived in Melbourne for our last two years in Australia}.

In February of 2016 we made the move back to Asheville. I still find myself a little giddy at the fact that we are back. Life is good here. The mountains are spectacular. I’ve not lived anywhere else in the US, but one thing I really love is that here, in Asheville, I feel comfortable to be me. Asheville’s diversity gives the feeling that anything is possible. We should all live as we choose, no judgement. Asheville’s open heart and harmonious air give the confidence to follow dreams…

So, as small and quiet as it is… its my dream. A cozy, darkened room, with a bed and some soft music.

I’ll look forward to meeting you there.

{All photographs were taken by blueridgecandidcaptures.com }