Shining a Light on LED Therapy for Skin

LED Light Therapy is pretty big in skincare at the moment, but do you understand how it works, or who it’s good for? It almost seems unbelievable that mere colored light could impact the skin to any great degree, right? Don’t discount it yet though, there actually is a definite science behind it. Let’s take a closer look at LED …

LED {Light-Emitting Diode} Therapy was first used by NASA to conduct experiments on plant growth in space. Since the success of that endeavor it has been discovered that LED light also works to treat the human body in a number of ways.

When used on our bodies, LED treatments can help with inflammation & pain reduction, & are often used on elite athletes to speed recovery from injuries or between training sessions.

How does LED impact the skin though?

Each color of LED is on a different light wavelength. Each wavelength penetrates to a different depth in the skin, targeting different processes & cells in the skin.

The GREEN ENVEE LED Shield provides three colors of LED. Red…

Red LED is known as the anti-aging light. It targets the cells that produce collagen {fibroblasts}. As we age collagen production slows significantly leading to less bulk in the skin & subsequent sagging & wrinkling. Consistent, regular use of red LED will boost collagen production, lifting & firming the skin.

Collagen is also a huge part of the wound healing process, so red LED is helpful post surgery, & can help to heal acne lesions & other skin injuries.

Red light also triggers circulation of blood & can help to reduce inflammation, which can both be very beneficial when treating acne.

Increased blood flow can bring more oxygen & nutrients to the skin’s cells providing a beautiful, healthy glow.


Blue LED influences the sebaceous glands {where our skin’s oil is produced}, slowing oil production in oilier skins. This can be of great benefit to oily, acne prone skins. Excess oil mixed with excess dead cells in the pore are the major cause of pimples, blackheads & congestion.

Blue LED also has shown to inhibit the growth of the bacteria that causes acne {Cutibacterium Acnes}. Right now, with mask wearing & a consequent uptick in breakouts for most of us, using blue LED for a few minutes daily could be instrumental in reducing suddenly rampant ‘Maskne’.

It can even penetrate deeply enough to treat those deep, inflamed, painful nodules & cysts that come up when we’re stressed, or because of hormones. You know, the ones that usually take what seems like months to fully disappear…

& Amber.

Amber LED has a gentle, soothing, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin making it perfect for more sensitive skins, especially those with Roasacea &/or pronounced redness in the skin.

Amber light impacts the lymphatic system, too, helping to drain away toxins & cellular waste.

Pigmentation can also be treated by the amber LED as amber wavelengths can breakdown melanin & regulate melanin production.

Amber light can encourage new cell production & may be oxygenating to the skin, elevating general health & vitality of the skin.

LED treatments in a professional setting use devices with higher concentrations of light & can yield faster results, but during these times of limiting & reducing potential exposure to COVID, finding ways to effectively treat our skins at home has become more necessary.

Most at-home LED systems are available as a handheld device. They usually require holding the hand piece closely over an area of the face for 3 minutes {give or take} before moving on to the next area. It can take quite a while to cover the entire face.

The LED Shield pictured above is a great alternative. They are a part of the home care regimen recommended by GREEN ENVEE, the plant based, organic, vegan skincare about to become part of Bloom’s results-driven, professional skincare line up.

With these shields the entire face can be covered at one time. In as little as 10 -20 minutes per day, you can effectively treat your skin & see visible results.

Using LED light to treat the skin is comfortable & pain free. It is a non-invasive, safe treatment that can address many skin conditions with zero down time. I even have some clients who choose to wash dishes or fold laundry while wearing their shield.

The structural design of this shield & consequent direction of the light safeguards the eye area – it is safe to use with your eyes open. Of course, it could also be a great excuse for a ten minute lie down with your eyes closed, too…

The shields are rechargeable by USB cable & each shield includes all three colors of LED mentioned above.

Eventually BLOOM will add professional LED treatments to the menu, but for now, this at-home option is proving quite popular.

Many people have yet to return to regular skincare treatments, which I totally understand. Many of us are looking for ways to keep improving & treating our skins in some elevated capacity during this time, or looking for ways to build further on professional treatments. These LED shields are a great, versatile option.

Photo Credit: GREEN ENVEE

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