BLOOM’s AquaRefine Treatment: The Deepest Cleanse

One of the main reasons clients schedule an appointment with an esthetician is to work on achieving cleaner, healthier skin. Extraction of blackheads & achieving that converted healthy glow are at the top of many Wish Lists.

For many, the AquaRefine Treatment will be what helps them achieve these goals.

The swirly Extraction Tip crates cyclonic suction.
{photo by blueridgecandidcaptures }

AquaRefine is similar to Microdermabrasion, but incorporates fluid to thoroughly flush the pores & surface of the skin for an efficient, effective, comfortable treatment.

Where Microdermabrasion is just exfoliation {removal of dead skin cells}, AquaRefine takes it three steps further to provide mechanical cleansing, cyclonic suction for extraction of congestion & blackheads & pressurized infusion of serums.

Each step is performed using a different tip on the Hydra Dermabrasion wand. Each tip is designed to optimize the action of the each step on the skin.

Different Tips for Each Step, in different sizes.

The AquaRefine still incorporates the typical steps of a facial using product. We still use cleansers & enzymes to facilitate optimum cleansing & exfoliation. We still mask {depending on the level of AquaRefine chosen} to hydrate, nourish or soothe. We always moisturize & apply SPF to protect your newly exposed skin.

So which skins will benefit from the AquaRefine? If you have a healthy strong skin you can comfortable receive this treatment. If your main concern is blackheads or congestion you’ll love the smooth, clean feeling the AquaRefine delivers. If you have a thicker, oilier skin you you’ll love the refreshed refined texture this treatment achieves. If you have a dull, lackluster appearance to your skin, you’ll love the healthy vital glow AquaRefine can create.

In some cases the AquaRefine may not be the best choice. If you are experiencing active acne, there would be increased risk of spreading breakouts/ infection if we chose AquaRefine, so we would work to ease infection & inflammation first {Oxygen Rx is perfect for this! & we would manually extract blackheads whole the skin heals}. Once we have the skin in a healthier position, AquaRefine will help to smooth & brighten any scarring or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation left behind & we could start to use the cyclonic suction of Step Three to remove blackheads.

Sensitized skins or skins that have compromised barrier function {read this Blog Post to learn more: The Mysterious Acid Mantle } are not suited to the AquaRefine treatment. We will work to rebuild the strength & resilience of your skin via appropriate treatments & home care solutions before commencing AquaRefine treatments.

Some skin types may just be too delicate to use the AquaRefine at all. In some cases we may incorporate only some of the steps. In other cases we may add just the extraction step to another treatment.

As with all visits to BLOOM, this treatment can, & will, be customized to what your skin needs on the day of your visit.

The AquaRefine is offered in three levels. For a quick Pick-Me-Up choose the AquaRefine Express. For the added benefit of Lymphatic Massage & Mask/Foot Massage you should opt for AquaRefine Rest. To incorporate BLOOM’s signature relaxation, the AquaRefine Dream is your best choice.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered in this post, feel free to reach out by email, text or via Facebook or Instagram.

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