The Benefits of Microcurrent for Skin & Why You Need It…

The benefits of Microcurrent for skin are many & varied. If you have a skin concern there is a good chance that micro current will help to improve it. Read on to learn how & when Microcurrent should be included in your skincare arsenal…

Microcurrent has been used in skincare for decades, but has recently experienced a boost in popularity, & that’s with good reason.

Before we talk about what it can treat, let me explain how Microcurrent works. Microcurrent uses a very small electrical charge, very similar to the electrical charge in naturally our bodies to influence the muscles & different processes in the skin. The charge is so slight that you should barely feel a thing. In most areas you will feel nothing at all, in others you will feel a slight zap or pull as the charge triggers the muscle. For most the electrical charge causes a feeling of wellbeing & relaxation.

So what exactly are the benefits of Microcurrent for skin?

Lifting & Firming | Microcurrent influences the muscles of the face. Over time overworked muscles will tend to shorten or tighten causing lines & eventually wrinkles. Other muscles will succumb to the effects of gravity & less use, leading to lengthened muscles & consequent sagging of the skin. Microcurrent works these areas to lengthened shortened muscles & shorten lengthened muscles, softening / potentially reversing some of the signs of aging.

Consider the eye area & crows feet. These muscles are worked incessantly through the day as we squint, laugh, sneeze or furrow. Crow’s feet are the direct result of overworked muscles. The same is true for those annoying ’11’s’ between our brows & the horizontal lines across our foreheads. In fact, the lines of the forehead are the most often improved by Microcurrent.

Now lets turn our attention to our little double chin that came out of nowhere, our sagging jowls & deeper nasal labial folds {the line between the corner of our noses & lips}. None of us are happy when those areas lose their lift & start dropping. Microcurrent works to tighten those muscles recreating youthful lift. The same happens at the brow to lift our arches & improve eyelid hooding.

Microcurrent is a great alternative for Botox & Disport injections. Some users of Microcurrent have even weaned themselves off of Botox…

Reduce Puffiness | Microcurrent impacts the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a complex system of vessels that helps to reduce fluid retention & rid the body of cellular waste. It relies heavily on us moving our bodies to move lymphatic fluid to the lymph nodes where it is cleaned. Sluggish lymphatic systems can result in puffiness & fluid retention. Microcurrent treatments trigger the lymphatic system, helping to relieve puffy eyes & contour the lines of the face. Think more defined cheekbones & jawlines.

Clear/Reduce Acne | Maybe because of the increased lymphatic activity, Microcurrent does help to alleviate breakouts. Acne skins have much cellular waste, bacteria, infection to clear & thats exactly what the lymphatic system was created to do!

Maybe its because Microcurrent increases collagen production & that aids healing in the skin. Maybe its because micro current is known to reduce inflammation, a hallmark of acne breakouts.

Increase Collagen | Microcurrent promotes the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is a basic building block of skin. As we age, & through sun exposure & other environmental factors, our collagen production slows down significantly. Daily vitamin C & sun protection can slow the slowing, micro current has shown to increase the bulk & firmness in skin exponentially. Ready to lift & firm those cheeks? This is possibly one of the main things I notice in myself & my clients who are using microcurrent.

Increased Cellular Energy | Everything slows down when we age, including the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) or cellular energy present in our skins. Microcurrent increases the amount of ATP in our skins. What does that mean? It means our skins can function more effeciently & more youthfully. All the intricate processes that occur in our skins on the daily can be maintained, which means more youthful, vital, vibrant skin. Time to get your GLOW on!

Deeper Product Penetration | When water based serums are used with Microcurrent the ingredients of these serums will penetrate more deeply & efficiently into the skin. With deeper, more efficient penetration these ingredients will have more effect on the skin. This can bring on deeper hydration, more collagen production & even improved treatment of pigmentation, depending on the serum used.

So how often should you receive a Microcurrent treatment? Well, that depends… if you are in your early twenties monthly treatments can maintain your already youthful glow & lessen the need for more in-depth treatments later in life. The older of us will benefit from a customized intensive series of treatments, followed by monthly maintenance treatments. With maintenance the results of an intensive series can last for up to 3-4 years!

Of course age & current condition of the skin play a major part in potential results. Its best to schedule a consultation or even a Bespoke SkinCare treatment so that your skin can be thoroughly assessed for suitability & expected results. For best results its imperative that your skin is supported & treated with an appropriate homecare regimen.

It is also important to know that there are instances where Microcurrent is not a safe option. Clients with epilepsy or history of seizures, pacemakers, hearing aid implants or other electronic implants must not receive microcurrent treatments. If you are pregnant or have active cancer Microcurrent is not able to be offered.

So those are the benefits of Microcurrent for skin? Are there any questions I didn’t answer? Feel free to message me via the Contact Us page.

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