{Annoying} Consultation Forms & {Equally Annoying & Brightly Lit} Skin Analyses.

As an esthetician, it is my job to understand & treat skin. Skin is my passion. I have spent many, many years absorbing as much knowledge of skin as I can. I will never stop learning, & I don’t want to. Skin care is such an eternally evolving industry, that to stop learning would mean I would no longer be providing the highest quality service & treatment {another passion of mine} to my beloved clients. At that point, I might as well throw in my deliciously hot towel.

Another important component of my work is to pass on this hard earned knowledge to my clients. Educating clients on how their skin works & what it needs to achieve their skin care goals is the reason they come to me. Knowing about ingredients & their benefits, & side effects, is crucial to our success in achieving their dream skin.

Professional Skin Care Treatments are also vital to our success. Understanding the benefits, & contra-indications {reasons someone may not be able to have a certain treatment}, can make all the difference to a successful skincare plan. A results driven treatment/plan is designed for your skin & no one else’s.

So in order to better understand & treat your skin, the most important step in any skin care treatment is collecting information about your skin. Your skin is precious. It is delicate & complex, & it needs to be understood. Your initial consultation will include you completing a form that presents your full skin history. {At subsequent appointments, you will be asked about any changes that may have eventuated since you last visit}. This form will ask questions pertaining to your health, your lifestyle, known allergies & reactions, your likes & dislikes, & what you would like to achieve from this session & beyond. It will ask you how you are looking after your skin at home. It will ask questions about your skin concerns & any issues or conditions you have noticed in your skin in the past or present. These questions are asked so that a comprehensive & safe plan can be created to achieve your goals. Even if you are only interested in relaxing or soaking in some ‘Me Time’, these questions are important. There is nothing less relaxing than an allergic reaction or massage that is too firm or too light. {I know it can seem like too much hard work before a relaxing treatment, but rest assured ~ if your esthetician requests this information, they have your, & your skin’s, very best interests at heart & are passionate & professional about what they do. [I see an amazing treatment in your future!]}

Now you are tucked up in a cozy bed ready to receive your treatment. Your Esthetician will now assess your skin. There will be a bright light. They will touch your skin. They will ask more questions to better understand what they see or feel, or what they have read on your form. Again, this is a good thing. Knowledge is power. Power to create an unforgettable treatment. The more information you can give them ~ the better.

So now your esthetician knows all the intimate details of your skin. They know what they can & cannot use or do during your treatment. They know what your concerns are & where you would like them to focus. They understand your reason for scheduling your treatment. They have a plan of action.

From here I always let my clients know that I will tell them what I am doing & what I am using, & how it will feel if needed, but that they do not need to respond to me. They can just relax, but if they have any questions, or if something doesn’t feel great, to let me know immediately. My client’s comfort is my top priority.

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