The Magic of Regular Exfoliation


Exfoliation has long been a favorite step of mine in my routine. It instantly smoothes & brightens my skin & I do love to see instant results. So gratifying.

Aside from the very obvious, instant result though there are many other benefits to exfoliating regularly. Every skin type, & most skin conditions, benefit from some level of exfoliation.

So what does exfoliation do? The primary action is to remove the build up of dry, dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Different forms of exfoliation will remove to different depths of the build up. {This layer of dead cells is called the Stratum Corneum, & can be between 15 ~ 20 layers deep}.

As well as improving the vibrancy & smoothness of your skin, exfoliation also inspires the following benefits:

1/ By sloughing cells at the surface we inspire your skin to produce new cells in the lowest levels of the epidermis & keep them speeding toward the surface. This process of cell renewal naturally slows {significantly!} as we age, so keeping it moving is key to maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

2/ By removing cells at the surface which are pigmented, & encouraging new un~pigmented cells to move up we can diminish pigmentation. {Using SPF daily & introducing Vitamin C to your routine are also crucial components when treating pigmentation & this is quite a lengthy process. Whether the pigmentation is caused by sun exposure or hormonal activity also impacts the success of treatment}.

3/ Congestion, breakouts and blackheads are reduced when you introduce regular exfoliation. By removing the dead skin cells that trap oil in the pore {which can lead to infections that create pimples & breakouts}, we can limit the occurrence of breakouts, congestion & blackheads, & also speed the healing process when they do occur. Did you know that the ‘black’ of a black head is actually from the dead skin cells trapped in the oil in the pore? The melanin {pigment} in the skin cells is concentrated through the layers of build up. Not dirt after all…

4/ Do you like wasting precious serums, masks & creams? Me neither! By exfoliating we expose the fresh, healthy cells that we want to nourish & support with our skincare. Not exfoliating regularly means that your skincare is fighting through & being readily absorbed by those dry, dead cells. Not cool. This also means that when you exfoliate you will see much better results at a faster rate & feel the need to use less product. {I don’t know about you, but that sounds like saving $$$ to me!}

5/ This is superficial, but it’s definitely a thing ~ your make up will apply more smoothly & look seamless! {Your skin may even start to look & feel so amazing that you stop using foundation altogether!}

So let me ask you ~ would you like brighter, clearer, smoother, healthier, more even toned skin that accepts active ingredients more efficiently & shows the benefits of those ingredients more quickly?

Thought so. Me, too.

Next I’d like to explain the difference between a skin type & a skin condition.

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