What can you expect from BLOOM’s skincare?

Being that BLOOM’s focus is on the health, balance and well being of you and your skin you can rest assured that any skincare products or treatments offered by BLOOM will be genuinely safe and highly effective.

The Skincare Industry, in the past few years has experienced somewhat of a ‘Deep Cleanse’ in terms of ingredients. Companies are now more conscious of the ingredients they are allowing into their products. I personally feel it my responsibility to provide high quality, results-driven skincare and treatments that take into the utmost consideration the health and safety of their, and my, clients.

BLOOM skincare treatments {& home care recommendations} are offered using Circadia by Dr Pugliese . Dr Pugliese is highly respected in the skincare industry for his knowledge of the skin & the products he has created to treat skin. He has passed this knowledge & passion on to his grandson, Michael, who continues to lead the way with skin care innovation & high quality ingredients.

Both Dr Pugliese & Michael Pugliese are members of the New York Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists & each have a special interest in quality raw ingredients. The quality & innovation of Circadia’s formulations is second to none.

I have been using Circadia at BLOOM for almost 3 years now. I continue to be thrilled with the results my clients & I are able to achieve. Each treatment & product performs exactly as intended. Results are achieved quickly & impressively.

Circadia’s ‘basic’ skincare products are gentle, effective & decadent…a perfect match for BLOOM’s overall philosophy. Great skincare can, & should, be relaxing & luxurious.

Innovative, intensive, professional treatments like the collagen-boosting SWiCH & the universally adored Oxygen Rx {which is easily BLOOM’s most popular treatment } have delivered outstanding visible results for many happy BLOOM clients.

You, me & Circadia are a powerhouse team. Get ready to achieve your dream skin.

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