What can you expect from a BLOOM Experience?

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a People Pleaser. In fact, I take great pride in my people pleasing prowess. Nothing makes me more proud than knowing that I have exceeded your expectations. My sole focus is blowing your mind by providing a treatment that you hadn’t ever dreamed possible.

When you have a treatment at BLOOM all attention is on you. Are you comfortable? Are you warm enough, but not too warm? Have you been asked all the right questions to ensure that you and your skin receive a results driven, truly relaxing ‘ME TIME’ experience that will leave you looking forward to your next visit? Do you feel like your concerns are understood and are the focus of your treatment? Have you been educated about how best to improve your areas of concern? Have your questions been answered to your satisfaction?

Your Skin is so important. Not only is it your first impression to the world, it is also your first line of defense. Your skin has many functions, not least of which is to protect you from pollutants and allergens, from illness and disease. Maintaining your skin’s health is an exercise in self preservation and personal hygiene, much like your regular dentist visits. {I promise you’ll never feel fear or anxiety before, during or after a session at BLOOM though!}

Knowing how important your skin is, I take the time we spend together very seriously. You will always leave BLOOM feeling like you and your skin are relaxed, refreshed and nurtured, with a confidence that you, your skin and your well being have been bolstered and revitalized.

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